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Contemporary interiors demand sleek, clean lines and surfaces; hiding away the stereo, DVD player, MySky decoder and FreeView box - while having the ability to control them from anywhere in the home.
Blue Eye is a ‘multi-room’ remote control/infrared repeater solution.
Blue Eye relays infrared signals between rooms so a remote control being used in one room can operate equipment installed in a different room or space.
Blue Eye has been optimised for use with Pace decoders (New Zealand: MySky and MySky HDI), is Plasma and LCD friendly and is supported by a three year warranty.
Looking for a simple same-room solution?
Our Stealth IR Receiver is the smallest on the market -
This diagram shows a situation where there might be two of the same device in the home (eg: two Sky decoders). One decoder might be used by the family in multiple rooms (Zone 1), while the other decoder may be used by the children in their rooms (Zone 2).
Blue Eye allows for a number of multi-room configurations, multiple locations of devices and where two zones are needed.
Blue Eye also utulises UTP splitters to maximise the use of all six RJ45 Hub ports. By utilising a UTP splitter, two Blue Eye modules can terminate to the same hub port.
The Blue Eye repeater system begins with a small IR receiver head. The IR Receiver receives IR signals from a remote control. The receiver head strips off the carrier signal (used to achieve good transmitting distance between the remote control and the device it’s controlling) and converts the signal into a simpler data stream – one that’s used by a micro-controller inside equipment like set-top boxes and DVD players.
This simpler ‘baseband’ signal can now be sent over long lengths of cable with negligible deterioration. Once it reaches its destination, it needs to be reconverted back into a remote control signal with the carrier signal so that the IR receiver in the equipment being operated can receive it. For this we use a special oscillator in all of our IR emitting devices.
This operates at 36.50 kHz, which works on 99% of all consumer equipment. The signals from a single IR receiver, or receivers in different rooms essentially gate this oscillator on an off rapidly, thus recreating a copy of the original remote control signal.